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Family Fun for All


La Perla del Caribe has many of the key ingredients needed for a quality family holiday and you can get these experiences for an affordable price in a safe environment. But the best reasons for families to visit Belize are the same as for everybody else: wildlife encounters, action and adventure, and plenty of fun in the sun.

Animal encounters

The vast network of national parks and wildlife sanctuaries in Belize provides a safe haven for wildlife that delights animal-lovers of all ages. With more than 500 species of birds, this country is a bird-watcher's paradise. However, certain animals and birds are elusive, and children do not usually have the patience or endurance to find them – unless you know exactly where to look. Certain species are easier to find than others. 

Action and adventure

Travelers sometimes visit Belize to explore mysterious Mayan ruins, lush jungle trails and deep, dark caves. This might not sound exactly like a family vacation, but nobody loves action and adventure more than kids do. Most of the country's adventure tours and activities can easily accommodate children and teenagers, though they are generally not appropriate for toddlers and babies.

Sun and sea

The great Barrier Reef, longest in the western Hemisphere (and second longest in the world), shelters the best stocked light-tackle fishing grounds of the Caribbean. The water is warm and crystal clear. Ideal for a great variety of water sports, fishing, snorkelling and scuba diving.

Diving (day, night and overnight trips) - Ambergris Caye's biggest claim to fame comes as a dive destination. Most visitors to Ambergris Caye visit because of the superior diving and snorkeling sites found close by. Local dive shops rent full gear, offer all levels of certification by PADIand NAUII and have daily trips to the reef and all local dive sites. Trips can be one, two and three tank dive trips including night dives.

Snorkeling (day or night) - For those who do not dive, and even if you have never snorkeled, the Hol Chan Reserve, Shark Ray Alley and other coral gardens can provide an equally euphoric experience. Snorkel in 3 ft. of water with brightly colored parrot fish or drift over 60 ft. of Caribbean Sea outside the reef and marvel at the whole other world this marine paradise presents.

Inside the reef the clear shallow water is ideal for both snorkelers and divers who will see a wide variety of fish including sharks, stingrays and moray eels. Night diving is popular to see a variety of nocturnal sea creatures that are completely different than those seen during the day.

There are many other snorkel sites easily accessible from San Pedro, such as Shark Ray Alley. This shallow cut in the reef south of Hol Chan is a popular dive and snorkel spot for those who wish to see sharks and rays up close and personal. Snorkelers can also enjoy this spot. It is an odd but exciting feeling to have these creatures rub elbows with you.

Once you do get used to these friendly creatures you're sure to have the time of your life. Skin Diver magazine describes it as one of the seven great animal dive sites in the Caribbean. Tours to Hol Chan Marine Reserve and Shark Ray Alley are common and easily arranged with local tour guides. Wear a bathing suit, light cover clothing, towel, sunscreen, and bring snorkeling or diving equipment.

Water Sports - Jetskis and Waverunners are available along the waterfront downtown, check in front of the Spindrift Hotel.

Windsurfing - Ambergris Caye is an excellent spot for all levels of windsurfer. Winter months can offer 20 plus days of 6.5 winds or better. October through March is generally the windy season, although in 99 may and June turned out to be 5.5 weather almost daily. July to September tend to be the calmer months. typical winds are cross- on or onshore

The warm clear water is protected by a coral reef about a half mile offshore. The water in between provides great bump and jump conditions and flatwater speeding with runs off up to 5 miles on each tack. Most of this area is 6-8 feet deep. Outside the reef there are large waves and swells.

Parasailing is a recreational kiting activity where you are towed behind our boat while attached to a specially designed canopy wing that reminds one of a parachute, known as a parasail wing. The harness attaches the rider(s) to the parasail, which is connected to the boat by the tow rope. The boat then takes off, carrying the parasail and person into the air. The boat is powerful enough so that two or three people can parasail behind it at the same time. The rider has little or no control over the parachute and the activity is primarily a fun ride with an awesome view.

Kitesurfing - Kitesurfing or kiteboarding is the dynamic new sport that everyone is talking about. A cross between wakeboarding and windsurfing the rider uses a large powerful traction kite to skate across the top of the water and boost 20-30ft jumps. Ideal conditions are 10-20knots of wind and flat shallow water - all of which Ambergris Caye has in abundance. Its as if Ambergris Caye was made for kitesurfing.

Watersports: Sailing, Canoeing, Kayaking, Catamarans, Boating - rentals are available through most hotels or dive centers. Sailing tours can be arranged with local companies. Sailing trips usually last the entire day and encompass a tour around Ambergris Caye as well as other nearby cayes such as Caye Chapel and Caye Caulker often with lunch being a beach barbecue. Kayaking is done all around the island.

Catamarans can be rented that offer you all the conveniences of a resort. But unlike a resort they will move daily to give you the experience of a new destination and exotic island every day. Discover sailing charters, adventure trips, fishing, snorkeling, scuba and more. Make your island dreams a reality.

Jet skis/wave runners are available for rent, along with many other Watersports Activities including Parasailing, Banana Boat Rides, Wakeboarding, Kitesurfing, Waterskiing and more. Or, if you’d like to get off the beaten path for some real adventure, take a private jet ski tour and explore the remote backside of Ambergris Caye. This part of the island is accessed through a beautiful mangrove channel and riding through feels surreal. The area is full of wildlife including colorful birds, giant green iguanas and even the occasional Manatee! Opening up into the bright blue waters of Chetumal Bay, you’ll find dozens of uninhabited islands and gorgeous sugar sand beaches to explore. The seas are very calm here and perfect for a high speed jet ski adventure.

Thanks to its 25+ miles of reef and beautiful beaches, San Pedro is the perfect place to pursue all kinds of saltwater activities, many of which will also thrill children. Older kids and teens might enjoy sailing, windsurfing and kayaking, and children as young as five or six can go snorkeling and spy on the creatures that inhabit the coral reef.

An ideal base for a sun and sea trip is a holiday at La Perla del Caribe, on the island of Ambergris Caye. Our beautiful retreat is six miles north of San Pedro, the country's biggest seaside resort town, providing easy access to all of the aforementioned activities. Whether you are an adventure seeker or just want to get away from the fast paced working world, the island of San Pedro truly has something for everyone.  At the end of the day, families can retire to their own spacious villas, with several cozy spaces throughout their interior. 

Published on Monday, June 19, 2017