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2023: The Year Your Group Takes a Fabulous Tropical Holiday

Is 2023 the year you step out of your predictable vacation rut and plan a couple of experiences you’ve thought long and hard about but never initiated action plans? This advice is for you: The fabulous friends and family members who have remained a constant in your life for years deserve a birthday, anniversary, or other occasion that merits a recognition celebration that can only be achieved by planning a group getaway. Even if your first reaction to this grandiose idea feels overwhelming, consider the benefits everyone receives by saying yes to this unique adventure:

•Relationships among all invitees will deepen
•Every group member will be up for trying new things
•The lasting memories you make as a group go beyond the ordinary
•It feels safer when you have trusted people around you
•With proper planning and shared responsibilities, no one person does all the work
•Sharing the cost of a fabulous sojourn makes living the dream affordable.

Imagine booking all the rental homes for your group!

By choosing a tropical resort as your group destination, even your well-meaning idea could succumb to exposure to crowds that completely remove the feeling of intimacy that separates a group getaway from an ordinary holiday, which is why the idea of booking an entire property for your trip isn’t as far-fetched as you imagine. Save everyone from the tedium of a long plane ride and the necessity of learning another language by suggesting Belize to everyone on the invite list and you’re going to get buy-in.

Next, check out the most elegant rental home community in Belize for your getaway. La Perla del Caribe is ideal. Not only will your group have the entire property to yourselves, but members of the La Perla del Caribe concierge services will check in on your group every day, so whether you require tour reservations, spa services, local golf cart rentals, or help to put together transport for your group, your San Pedro-based hosts are ready to help. If your group decides to splurge on a private chef for meals, that can be arranged, too.

Make planning part of the fun

When pitching the idea to friends or relatives about this exotic getaway, it’s easier to get buy-in when you give them a taste of paradise by sharing this website page that describes the variety of tours, adventures, and experiences available to guests. By doing a little legwork after contacting staff at (214) 382-0299, you’ll have gotten the skinny on renting the entire property and divided up the per person cost.

What may first have sounded impossible tends to generate enthusiasm when every member of the group knows upfront what they can expect from this fabulous trip. Before you know it, you’ll gather at this lush, private community where posh digs, 500-feet of beachfront and every delight under the sun awaits. Need more incentive? Show the group this YouTube video. What you’ll hear next is the sound of suitcases being dragged from attics. Well done, creative thinker


Published by Jennifer Murray
Tuesday, September 5, 2023